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Your Own Online Dollarstore

Own an Online Dollarstore Franchise DOLLARSTORE is a well-established global brand. You can now own a Online Dollarstore Franchise. offers consumers an online shopping platform for fast moving consumer goods(FMCG) items that includes well-known brands. Some of the international brands available at the on line store are: Pringles, Toblerone, Kraft, Hershey’s, Heinz, Gatorade, […]

It’s ALT Season, are you in?

“Alt season” as it’s known, is when investors take their profits from bitcoin and pour them into alternative crypto currencies, at the prospect of higher returns. Since Bitcoin plunged by over 18% on 26 June, from $13,000 highs to below $11,000 across major exchanges, it extended these losses extended to 29% on 27 June. Crypto […]



We are pleased to announce the launch of a new, exciting crypto project, XCOIN (XCN). XCOIN (XCN) is a verified coin and is listed on XCOIN (XCN) isn’t just a crypto token. XCOIN (XCN) is a “utility token” based on the Ethereum blockchain that will securely and seamlessly help consumers to pay for their usage […]

Get Rid of Belly Fat

The Lose Your Belly Diet The Lose Your Belly Diet program is designed to do just what it says – to show you how to Get Rid of Belly Fat. Lots of people want to lose weight and get into better shape but when you press them on what this really means, you’ll often find […]

The Fake Satoshi Factor

In recent months there has some strange things happening in the world of bitcoin which have driven the crypto’s price action into negative territory. These developments have weighed heavily on crypto markets, and I believe it is well worth for crypto investors to take a closer look and to stay in the loop. Bitcoin tanked […]

Flow State Breathing

A forgotten art of breathing has catapulted elite athletes’ performance levels by 300% – 500% while simultaneously boosting testosterone levels, brain function, improving recovery time, curing anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, respiratory conditions, controlling weight gain issues. AND hacking you into the optimal performance state of mind…the flow state… What if I told you that the […]