Make Our Planet More SUSTAINABLE

The MISSION of  bUnited is a safe, fair and sustainable world. To achieve this goal its important businesses – corporates and SMMEs support this cause.

You can help by inviting your friends, colleagues, family to join bUnited. The support needed from business involves for businesses to partner with bUnited by:

  • immediately giving back to our planet
  • becoming more sustainable through eco-friendly efforts


bUnited wants businesses to “give back” immediately, whenever they make a sale to a bUnited member. Companies pay us to support global impact programs, including planting trees, saving the rainforest, providing food to the hungry, and giving healthcare where most needed. Example: bUnited, with one of its partner companies, Deutsche Telekom, saved over 1,000,000 square meters of Amazon rainforest in 2018.

Currently, bUnited gets companies to support the following NGO programs. As we grow, we will add more programs.

Our goal: save 1 billion square meters of Amazon rainforest per year.

We support Rainforest Foundation to save the Amazon Rainforest. They work with local communities to negotiate substantial rainforest land purchases and to make sure the rainforest is respected as a permanent resource. 

I just joined bUnited.

It’s the good cause that pays people to unite. bUnited is free and easy.Find out why it works and how much you will be paid.


Our goal: give 1 million families clean water every week. 
We support The Water Project to provide clean drinking water to families in need in Africa, Asia or South America to prevent diseases from contaminated water.

Our goal: plant 1 million trees per year.
We support The Nature Conservancy to plant trees and offset carbon pollution. Not only do trees absorb CO₂, but they also store it in the wood, keeping it out of the air we breathe.

Our goal: feed one million children every week.
We support Feeding Children Everywhere to give free meals for children in need. We believe this way we can do our contribution to reduce the number of children worldwide that are starving or suffering from severe malnutrition.


Our goal: vaccinate 1 million children per month.
We support UNICEF to provide medical aid to kids. Our current program gives free life-saving vaccines to protect children that do not have access to medical aid, giving them the best chance at living a healthy life.


As bUnited grows, it uses its size to work with partner companies to adopt more fair and sustainable business practices and to get their suppliers and sub-suppliers to do the same. Companies will want to do this to keep ‘us’, their biggest customer, happy and buying more from them. Having us, the largest consumer community, as a customer rewards companies for becoming more fair and sustainable.


It’s the good cause that pays people to unite. bUnited is free and easy.

Find out why it works and how much you will be paid.


Make our Planet More Sustainable