Flow State Breathing

A forgotten art of breathing has catapulted elite athletes’ performance levels by 300% – 500%

while simultaneously boosting testosterone levels, brain function, improving recovery time, curing anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, respiratory conditions, controlling weight gain issues.

AND hacking you into the optimal performance state of mind…the flow state…

What if I told you that the way you are breathing is sabotaging your health, fitness and ability to hack into your optimal performance state of mind…

Would you believe me?

There is a simple 5-minute-a-day trick  that could give you 

  • 300% – 500% Boost in your skill, sport or profession
  • Increased Testosterone 
  • Cure Competition Anxiety
  • Remove Fatigue
  •  Improve Sleeping Problems
  • Accelerate Recovery Time
  • Sharpen Brain Function
  • Weight Gain Issues

Would you think I’m crazy?​


The Flow State

is the optimal performance state of mind, which is also known as the zone.

Flow is a rewarding highly absorbing state in which people lose a sense of time and the awareness of self.  The Flow state is more likely when you freely choose activities, your goals are clear, feedback on performance is immediate and concrete;  in addition challenges are high but you have what it takes to gracefully dispatch the challenges.


When this balance between challenge and skill is not attained, non-flow emotions such as anxiety, boredom, or apathy are experienced.  While flow experiences are usually pleasant, positive emotions like joy is not expressed or even felt during a flow experience.  But joy and elation are often expressed at the end of a flow experience or when a recent flow experience is recalled.


In the Flow State of of mind you are open to:

  • 200% boost in creativity
  • 490% increase in learning speed
  • 500% improvement in productivity.

More than that, you lose that inner critic – the inner voice which is there, criticizing your every move, blocking and hindering your procession in life. And like a real-life superhero… you are fearless.

Why? Because key areas of the brain lessen, quieting down your limbic systems.

I want to explain why adding this simple 5-minute exercise can help you cure performance-affecting illnesses like: anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, respiratory conditions and weight gain issues. All this, while naturally accelerating your recovery rate.

In fact, if you are one of the millions who has fallen victim to one of these illnesses, then you must, for your health and the health of your family and friends, take on board what I am going to reveal to you today.

I want you to stop being a victim of these life-limiting illnesses.

What I’m about to reveal to you is life-changing and HUGE.

Serious athletes will achieve a superhuman level of performance, fitness enthusiasts will unleash untapped potential, and even if you’re just training to manage your health, well this simple technique will give you the ability to overcome the obstacles in your way to a more healthy vibrant life.

I would just hate for you to remain chained like millions of people to poor health, while remaining hidden from your potential for success in your skill.

Again, this ancient breathing trick is super simple to use and only needs to be performed for 5 minutes minimum per day to reap the rewards.

It dates back over 5,000+ years and intentionally practised by our ancient ancestors… but it has been lost, forgotten or perhaps even buried.

If you are just unconsciously following the herd, trying to fit in, looking for the secret supplement to take your trouble away – what you are doing is only blocking you even further. Especially if you’re looking to accelerate your recovery rate. So you don’t need to be held back from injuries or illness anymore.

Or are you one of those optimal performance hunters looking to get into the flow?

Remember those ancient tribes I was talking about earlier?

There is a native Indian tribe living in Mexico called the Tarahumara. They have a deep-rooted culture of daily long-distance running. It’s believed that this is due to the hunting style of literally running after their prey.

When researchers finally began studying the Tarahumara runners over a course of 26 miles, they found that their heart rate was at 130 beats per minute!

Comparing this to the Western marathon runner – 160-180 beats per minute.

These Tarahumara runners were keeping to a world-class pace, without a hint of emotional or mental concern.

The Tarahumara secret… is what we are talking about today.

I’m sure that you don’t want you to gain extra pounds, lower your testosterone, feel fatigued all the time, cause hormonal havoc in your machine.

Because the problem that’s been stopping you in your tracks for so long, this invisible backpack filled with boulders, is actually right under your nose.

You’ve heard people say this to you: “Take a deep breath in.” Well, that is NOT helping you at all. In fact, that causing the problem!

A scientific study in 2004 on hyperventilation syndrome reported the danger of deep breathing. And this study has been further reinforced over the years.

 “More breathing means less oxygen in the body cells.”

“Cerebral blood flow decreases 2% for every mmHg decrease in CO2.”

Let me explain these statements, as I hear you – yes, this does sound contradictory to all you’ve been taught before.

Hypocapnia results in your blood vessels constricting, which then leads to a decreased flow of blood to all vital organs.

Hypocapnia = CO2 deficiency. AND this happens through OVER-BREATHING.

CO2 deficiency causes:

  • Low testosterone
  • Restricted blood vessel
  • Fatigue
  • Performance anxiety
  • Fear
  • Sleep problems
  •  Depression
  • Poor oxygen saturation
  • Respiratory problems
  • Chronic diseases
  • Muscular weakness
  • Poor endurance
  • And way more…

Well, it’s best to look in the mirror, so you can see your mouth. That’s right… mouth breathing is the hidden villain. Why?

Because it’s causing you to OVER-BREATHE.

90% of modern people unconsciously suffer from breathing problems

such as chest breathing, mouth breathing and over-breathing, and all of these produce reduced blood oxygen levels in your body and open the door to chronic diseases.

If you’re one of the 90%, then read on. If you’re not one of the 90%, read on too, as I don’t want you to fall into the same trap I was in.

While breathing three times more than the medical recommendation, most of this 90% of people believe that they have good breathing or even normal breathing.

But the scientific data plus my own personal experience as a flow state performance coach for over 23 years say otherwise.

The normal breathing rate is 6-8 breaths per minute. However, if at rest, and your breathing rate is higher, then stay tuned.

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