Bitcoin is Erupting. Invest now

Bitcoin is going nuclear. Its price is tearing upward,” Business Insider, 5th June 2017.

 Jeremy Liew, one of the first investors in the $25bn Snapchat, believes bitcoin is about to go through a rampant phase of hyper-growth. He estimates that the bitcoin network will grow to 400million users by 2030 and for the price of one bitcoin to hit $500,000. That would be nearly 50,000% higher than where it sits today.

It estimated that over the next five years bitcoin could fly past $380,000 a coin. That’s a 14,000% vertical lift-off that could make an investor turn just $500 into $70,000.

The number of bitcoin users is on a growth curve. According to, there are over 14million bitcoin wallets in use but three years ago there were 1million bitcoin wallets.

BIP – the reason for Bitcoin’s eruption

On July 21, Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP 91) was officially locked in, confirming the activation of the Bitcoin Core development team’s transaction malleability fix and scaling solution called Segregated Witness (Segwit). Already 80% activation threshold was achieved on July 16. Since then, the market has reacted optimistically to the future of bitcoin and its scalability moving forward. Within 5 days Bitcoin price increased from $1,850 to $2,750, recording a $900 increase.

In June, Bitcoin price reached a $3,095-high and with that new investors joined platforms such as Coinbase to buy bitcoin. However, as bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market endured a major market correction, many traders panicked and sold, due to the fear of an upcoming hard fork.

Now with Segwit activation in sight, in the foreseeable future, the execution of a hard fork and chain split is highly unlikely. Bitmain, the biggest bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer and owner of the largest bitcoin mining pool Antpool, threatened to execute a hard fork earlier last month. However, Bitmain now remains as a strong supporter of BIP 91 and the Digital Currency Groupled Segwit2x.

As a result, the gains starting to cascade out of this market are truly mind-blowing:

Ethereum: UP 2,011%
Ripple: UP 4,218%
Litecoin: UP 883%
Monero: UP 2,843%
Dash: UP 2,410%
Stellar Lumens: UP 955%
Xem: UP 1,350%
Dogecoin: UP 810%

27 June 2016 – 27 June 2017

Have you ever seen anything like that? Let me point out that you shouldn’t use past performance to predict what will happen next. But anyone can see – this is a market eruption.

To put that in perspective, one single Bitcoin is worth more than an ounce of gold. I will show you how to use the red-hot crypto-currency market to earn some really good returns. To make it work for you

  • You do not need to know everything about Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies
  • You do not need to know anything about banking or investing…
  • You do not need a lot of money
  • But you do need to know how to get the best returns, including which crypto-currencies to buy, when to buy and how much to pay for them.

There are critical BIP dates you should be aware of in order to profit from the red-hot crypto-currency market and it will certainly work if you’re willing to stake your claim.


On Friday, 28th July where over 260,000 retail stores in Japan started accepting crypto-currencies (like Bitcoin and Ethereum), resulting in crypto-currency prices jumping higher.


That is why it’s so important to get started now. You should take action today. With Bitcoin already so valuable, other penny crypto-currencies are red hot right now. And once penny crypto-currencies go mainstream, you can expect to see an absolute explosion in the prices of certain cryptos.


What is a crypto-currency? Put simply, a crypto-currency is a digital currency that operates outside of any government control. That means these currencies cannot be manipulated by the central banks, or any other bank around the world. This is why they’re the probably the last “pure” currencies on earth.

Demand for digital coins

There are now over 831 crypto-currencies on the open market. The vast majority trade for just pennies, just like Bitcoin did back in 2010. And many of these are beginning to skyrocket in price. According to Bloomberg, “While the record-breaking rally in Bitcoin has captivated markets, demand for other digital coins is surging as companies raise millions in minutes, or even seconds…”

That gives us a rare chance to turn back the hands of time, and get into crypto-currencies that are dumping millions into the laps of ordinary people. Let’s consider a few examples:

REDDCOIN. A penny crypto-currency called Reddcoin. Reddcoin was specifically created to be used for purchases all across the social media networks… like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. People love it because they can shop online with enhanced security and complete anonymity. In a recent 7-day period, the price of Reddcoin exploded in value by a whopping 1,134%! That’s enough to turn $20 into almost $227… or $200 into $2,268.

DOGECOIN:  Dogecoin (pronounced Doggie-coin) is a new alternative currency for pet lovers to purchase everything from leashes to an animal DNA test kit… or you could use it to pay for a “dogsitter” when you go on vacation. In that same 7-day period, Dogecoin’s value increased by a whopping 267%!

NEWYORKCOIN: But as exciting as that is, it’s nothing compared to a new alternative currency for folks living in the ‘Big Apple’… called NewYorkCoin. The price of NewYorkCoin jumped an amazing 2,871%, overnight. If you had bought $20 of NewYorkCoin on that Monday it would have been worth $571 by Tuesday. The price continued to climb. Prices jumped a staggering 56,606% over just a week … turning every $100 into over $56,606.

DASH: DASH is one of the best emerging crypto-currencies on the market. Just a few months ago it was virtually unknown. It went from $11 a coin in January 2017 to $173 – that’s a 1,472% gain. Today it is the world’s seventh largest crypto-currency.

That’s how exciting today’s opportunity in penny crypto-currencies truly is.

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