The Lose Your Belly Fat Diet

May 18, 2018

 Would You Like To Discover A Shortcut To Getting Rid Of That Belly Fat Even Faster? How to get a honed, toned stomach Lots of people want to lose weight and get into better shape but when you press them on what this really means, you’ll often find that their main concern is with their […]

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Bitcoin Prices Won’t Stay Down for Long

May 17, 2018

Bitcoin Prices fell 3.4% to $8,275.21 on Wednesday as markets continued a broader sell-off in the cryptocurrency sector. That’s creating a buying opportunity for savvy investors. We’ll show you one major reason why in just a second. We put together this video. Watch it here below. The price of Bitcoin fell to its lowest levels […]

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US Congress Passed New “CLOUD Act”

March 27, 2018

US Congress Passed New “CLOUD Act” Giving Them Easier Access To YOUR Data The controversial CLOUD Act (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data) was snuck into the 2,232 page government spending bill that needed to be passed in order to avoid another government shutdown on March 23rd. The bill was given to members of the House of Representatives 1 […]

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Breaking: The U.S. Will See Another North Korea Provocation on 9 Oct.

October 6, 2017

North Korea will provoke the United States of America again in just four days’ time, on Monday, 9 October. This warning by top CIA Korean Affairs official, Yong Suk Lee. U.S. News  relayed the operative’s cautionary statement on Thursday, 5 October. Markets affected Global markets will most likely be affected and are expected to react cautiously the […]

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Bitcoin is Erupting. Invest now

July 31, 2017

“Bitcoin is going nuclear. Its price is tearing upward,” Business Insider, 5th June 2017.  Jeremy Liew, one of the first investors in the $25bn Snapchat, believes bitcoin is about to go through a rampant phase of hyper-growth. He estimates that the bitcoin network will grow to 400million users by 2030 and for the price of one […]

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The Law of Timing

February 20, 2017

There comes a special moment in everyone’s life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity, when they seize it, will fulfill their mission – a mission for which they are uniquely qualified. In that moment they find greatness. It is their finest hour.” Winston Churchill If Churchill is correct then it […]

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